Power Lifting Accessories by Kong Strength Australia

Kong Strength is all about helping you get as much from your gear as possible. Whether you are involved in resistance training, bodybuilding/sculpting, powerlifting, or functional training, a high-quality set training products and apparel will provide all the support you need. We provide the best weightlifting accessories and equipment brands and high quality strength and weightlifting equipment to the Australian market. We aim to help you perform at your best during training. Browse through our extensive collection of bodybuilding/sculpting equipment and get the strongest wrist straps, knee wraps, powerlifting/weight lifting belts and lifting equipment you can count on.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company with locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Australia where you can get the best quality lifting equipment available. Kong Strength supplies the very best wrist straps, knee wraps, powerlifting belts, weight lifting belts and lifting equipment. We know how difficult the road to your dream body shape can be and we aim to help you at every step of the way with the highest quality gear. We aim to support all strength activities and if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t recommend it to you.

When it comes to choosing the best weight lifting straps, wraps, belts and lifting equipment we know the questions to ask, are your gear and equipment safe? Do they boost your program’s effectiveness? Will they come in the way of my building progress? And we answer these questions for you.

Weight Lifting Gear you can trust!

Do you need a pair of wrist wraps for your bench press routine? Or lifting belts that are guaranteed to stand up to rigorous use?

Kong Strength has got you covered, all our weightlifting accessories and equipment are certified and put through real life use to ensure they stand up to anything you can.

As a home grown Australian gym accessories company, all of our products are safe to use, we also supply to Brisbane, Gold Coast and all across Australia.

We always provide you with the best products and service to help you get stronger, our weightlifting accessories and equipment can help you perform at your peak and our team is always available to answer any questions that you may have.

PUSH, PULL, SQUAT….be your best with the best accessories!

Why do I Need High-quality Lifting Equipment?

Lifting accessories and equipment such as wrist straps, knee wraps, powerlifting belts, weight lifting belts and lifting equipment can be used to help your body to support and lift heavier-than-normal weight. However, lifting extremely heavy weight makes your body more susceptible to injury. By correctly using high quality equipment, you can reduce your chances of bodily injury by more than 87%.

Kong Strength is ready to work with you to ensure you get what is right for your lifting goals!

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