Weight Lifting Belts Australia

We all want excellence in our particular fields, but can one achieve that? Well, if you are a weightlifter or a bodybuilder and you want to up your weight lifting game, then the Weight Lifting Belts are the perfect choice for you.

Weight Lifting Belts are specifically designed to support the abdominal and back muscles. So that you feel less discomfort and muscle strain during heavy weight lifting.

There are many weight lifting belts available on the market. However, when it comes to choosing something for yourself you should always go for a quality choice. Our Kong Weight Lifting Belts are among the best in the market when it comes to choosing a belt for weightlifting and powerlifting training. These Weight Lifting Belts are made of the purest and soft leather or suede. Which not only offers comfort but also provide great support to the body.

Ultimate Powerlifting Belts

Well, it sounds unrealistic but the fact is supported by years of sports research. Wearing a belt enhances your strength, muscle growth and ultimately offers the power. Don’t we all want the power to lift our heaviest weight? Well, we all want that and now with the help of our powerlifting belts it’s more than achievable. With its 10 mm thickness and double stitched edges it provides the ultimate strength and durability.

Spine Supporting Weight Lifting Belts

We are all aware of the fact weight lifting affects our spine and muscles. So in order to avoid pain and discomfort to the spine you should be wearing a quality weight lifting belt.

The results of the studies reveal that wearing a belt during heavy weight lifting would increase the pressure on the abdominal area up to 40%. The abdominal muscle pushes from the inside and provides the valuable support to the spine.

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