Weightlifting Straps and Powerlifting Straps From Kong Strength Australia

“The best strap for you depends on your individual goals, wants, and needs.

On your quest to achieving the perfect body type and build for you, you will benefit tremendously from using the very best high-quality weightlifting gear in Australia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into Olympic weightlifting, strongman competitions, powerlifting, or just a normal gym enthusiast – at the end of the day, your lifting straps design, material, and craftsmanship matter. The fact is that weightlifting straps and powerlifting straps are used when they are really needed and you should always have 100% confidence in your weightlifting gear even after multiple uses.

Straps are generally used to help you hold tremendous weight in your hands, especially during weightlifting sessions. They are especially useful if you’ve gained enough strength to begin lifting heavier weights but you, unfortunately, find out that your hand grip isn’t strong enough to hold these weights. The weightlifting straps and powerlifting straps all allow you to lift heavy weights with your wrists, enabling you hold on long enough to complete your exercise session.

Our lifting straps are designed to loop around your wrist and the weight bar, this makes it easier to hold on to heavy weights for longer. Lifting straps are easy to use as you just need to loop one end of the strap around your wrists, and wrap the other end around the dumbbells or barbell (or whatever else). This basically helps you attach whatever weight you wish to carry to your wrists/hands. By using a weightlifting strap you can greatly improve your grip on the weight you’re holding and also prevent it from sliding out of your hands.

Weightlifting and powerlifting straps are very useful especially if your grip continually gives out before achieving the target muscle group you’re training for. It can be a great problem when the weight you’re training for slides out of your hands too soon in a given exercise, especially a weight you’re quite capable of lifting. Straps are easily the quickest and simplest solution to this problem. They are designed to help weight lifters during every “pulling” exercise including deadlifts, rows and pull-ups to all exercises that involve holding a weight against gravity including shrugs or dumbbell lunges.

Why Wear Kong Strength Weightlifting Straps?

In the simplest terms possible, the number one benefit of using weightlifting straps and powerlifting straps is that they allow you to train and fatigue the target muscle without having to worry about your grip failing first. Kong strength weightlifting straps are designed for professional users and can easily be used by the casual gym goer. All of our weightlifting and powerlifting straps are well stitched and strong enough for even the heaviest weights.

Use Kong Strength weightlifting straps if you are looking to increase your muscle size and strength in your upper back and hamstring muscles. They are good for the following exercises allowing you to lift more weight to work these programs than your natural grip might allow:

  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Deadlifts
  • Rack pulls
  • Shrugs
  • Dumbbell or barbell rows

How To Use Kong Strength Weightlifting Straps

Our loop straps are easy to use, just thread the ends of the straps through the loops. This will form a circle at the end of the strap through which you will slide your hands. This will leave the ends of the straps to hang down along your fingers. Pull on these ends and adjust the fasteners until the straps fit snugly around your wrists.

Wrapping technique usually varies based on the length of the strap and individual preferences. Our in-house experts suggest wrapping your strap from back to front, going under the bar, and then wrapping the strap over the top and under again. Doing this will leave a padded area where the straps are wrapped around the barbell. Closing your palm and fingers over this area is what holds them in place. Kong strength straps are designed to slide off easily when you let go.

Avoid lifting before ensuring that the straps are tight as you will not get the full benefit of using weightlifting straps and risk injury. Lifting straps let your wrists assist you in maintaining your grip on the bar, they do not do all the work so take care not to rest the entire weight on your wrists as you lift. Relying too heavily on your wrists to lift may lead to injury so use your grip as well when lifting weights.