Heavy Duty Long Wrist Wraps 30″


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Quick Overview

If your intent is to improve the size and strength of a certain muscle group, and using straps improves your ability to do so, wear them without shame!

Some examples of where wrist straps can help you improve are dumbbell or barbell rows, shrugs, deadlifts (unless it’s your competition lift), Romanian deadlifts, rack pulls, curls (I’m kidding, but we’ve all seen it done).

Our wrist straps feature:

– Thicker and Wider Hook and Extra Long Thumb Loop
– Strong Velcro technology to stay in place during max effort lifts
– One Size fits all – both Men and Women
– Premium Cotton and Superior Strength Elastic Material for Maximum Absorption and Support during lifts
– Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps that will last you longer
– Kong Strengths Wrist Wraps will have you standing out from the crowd – Be the Envy of Your Mates!

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